Monday, November 29, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 at PowerPlant yesterday.
Finally! I thought I wouldn't be able to see it.

Anyway, Part 1 is the beginning of the end! I will miss HP! :|

Dobby the house elf died so sad! I wanna have someone like dobby! lol but of course not that kind of creature. Will definitely watch Part 2 on July next year..

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For the First Time in Manila.
KAOS (The White Lion), SITO (The White Tiger), BETTY (The Yellow Tiger), APOLLO (The Baby White Lion), Astounding Acrobatics, Mind-Boggling Stage Performances, Fearless Exhibitions...
In One Grand Production.

A classic adventure of a handsome prince, a beautiful maiden and an interfering advisor, a place of historical castle and good hearts, where a song solves a problem, a dance lifts a mood and there is a never ending search.

1. What is KAOS?

KAOS, named after our amazing white lion, is a world-class fairy tale production that follows the classic adventure of medieval time. It is a love story of a handsome prince on his quest for his beautiful maiden in a fantastic world of the future through a magical mirror, created by the interfering advisor who wants recognition from the royal family. A love story that defeats all odds transcends time and space. Adventure steps in as the Prince, in his search for true love, turns defeat into victory with the help of Kaos the white lion, the symbol of bravery.

The world of KAOS, a place of historical castles and good hearts, where a song solves a problem, a dance lifts a mood and a never ending search for true love.

2. Who are the main cast KAOS?

Gian Magdangal : Prince
Martha Joy : Heroine
Jemuel Victorino : King
Enrique Polo : Good Wizard
Joel Trinidad : Advisor

White Lion : Kaos
White Tiger : Sito
Yellow Tiger : Betty

3. When is the run date of KAOS?
KAOS runs for 6 months and will start on 1st of December 2010.

Starting December 1, 2010
All Wednesdays (8PM)
All Thursdays (8PM)
All Fridays (9PM)
All Saturdays (2PM and 8PM)
All Sundays (2PM)

Ticket Prices:

Upper Balcony PhP 1,057.16
Balcony PhP 1,271.16
Deluxe PhP 2,020.16
Premiere PhP 2,876.16
V I P PhP 3,090.16


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Grand Fiesta Manila 2010


One of the reasons tourists visit and keep coming back to the Philippines is for its festivities that are held year-round including Cebu’s Sinulog Festival, Baguio’s Panagbenga Festival, and Bacolod’s Masskara Festival.

In Manila, the Resorts World Manila (RWM) launches Grand Fiesta Manila 2010 in a bid to attract more people to the city. The festival not only celebrates Pinoy heritage, but it raises the country's profile to new heights.

“This will be the country’s first – a grand celebration of all the festivities we have all over the Philippines with added bonus from foreign acts. What will happen is that we will gather local and international audience for them to witness Grand Fiesta Manila 2010, which Manila will be known for,” said Resorts World Manila Public Relations Manager Archie Nicasio.

“Grand Fiesta Manila 2010 will be an annual showcase of Philippine art, cuisine, music, festivals and world-class talent. By providing a diverse yet filling sampler of what the Philippines has to offer, Resorts World aims to promote the country as one of the must-visit places in Asia,” added Gerald, also of RWM.

The four-day feast to be held from Nov. 25 to 28 will unveil the magnificence of the Philippine culture and what RWM has to offer.

On Nov. 25, a Pinoy Rock Concert featuring local bands Pedicab, Sandwich, Urbandub and Franco, will be held at RWM Concert Grounds. This will be followed by a show that sees Journey front man Arnel Pineda reunite with his original band, Ammo Band, show on the 26th.

“Kaos,” RWM’s largest production ever, premieres on the 27th at RWM’s Newport Performing Arts Theater. “Kaos” is a beautiful love story featuring our very own talents Gian Magdangal, Martha Joy and Joel Trinidad, as well as hip-hop dance champions Philippine All-Stars, with acrobats from China and Belarus, and stunt motorcyclists from Spain.

Last Nov. 15, “Kaos” held a successful sneak preview, boasting of a combination of locally and internationally acclaimed acts together in one show. Incidentally, the cast of “Kaos” (100 people) consists of 50 Filipinos and 50 foreign acts. It just shows that we can be at par with the best of the world – be it local or international.

Earth, Wind and Fire returns to the country and performs on the 26th (Genting Club) and on the 27th (Concert Grounds) with Al McKay Allstars.

Party at the Grand Parade on Nov. 27 and join the Grand Fiesta Run 2010 on the 28th within RWM Complex. One of the highlights of the run is a 1k rat race that encourages runners to come in their weirdest and wildest costumes; from jazzed up office gear (minus the heels and leather shoes, of course!) to fiesta-inspired outfits. (Registration is until Nov. 22 at Chris Sports in MOA, Glorietta, and SM Mega Mall; R.O.X Bonifacio High Street, and in Resorts World Manila.)

Capping the Grand Fiesta Manila 2010 is a concert by Jed Madela at the Newport Performing Arts Theater.

There’s no denying that Filipinos know how to party, and RWM is ready to show the world how Pinoys do it. Visit for more details.


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PMPC Star Awards

I'm one of the ushers who assisted in 24th PMPC Star Awards!
Very tiring but fun!

I guided stars from ABS, GMA and TV5 to their seats. lol
(Regine Velesquez, Ogie, Rafael Rossel, Baron Geisler, Johann, Pauljake and Hermes of PBB, JC Devera, Boy Abunda, Tulfo, Chris Cayzer, juggs, etc)

Fun! Next time ule :D

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Resorts World Manila

November 8, 2010!

Resorts World Manila, Here I come!
Work work work! =D

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